Karin has had a hair salon in Vryheid ever since I can remember. She and her team – Astrid, Leah and Suzette, are a bit of an institution in our town. The regulars don’t find it too far to drive from places such as Dundee, Pongola, Paulpietersburg and even Pretoria to get their hair done.

These ladies have a special place in my heart. They just have the ability to make me feel amazing each time I visit them. Not just because they make my hair beautiful, but also because they have a passion for their job. I don’t think they realise how much they mean to the women in our community. All of us want to feel beautiful, and that is what they do best – they make us feel gorgeous!

I’ve found that a lot of my clients lack self confidence, and a simple change of hair can make such a big difference to how they see themselves.

I have learnt a valuable life lesson from Ilse, a good friend of mine: When you start to see yourself differently, you start to feel different, and when you start to feel different, you start to think differently. And when you start to think differently about yourself you can change your reality, and you can start to love yourself and gain confidence.

THANK YOU Karin, Astrid, Leah and Suzette for everything you do for the women who walk through your salon door. Thank you for creating a safe space where we can be vulnerable, talk about our daily struggles, cry together and encourage each other. We don’t say it often enough, but you make our days brighter. Your small acts of kindness make such a difference to our daily lives, even if it’s something simple such as washing someone’s hair.

For this reason, I’ve decided that it’s their turn to feel special. I styled and dressed them in pretty outfits, and they did each other’s make-up and hair. We captured everything with a photo shoot on my phone because it’s amazing what a pretty photo of yourself can do for you confidence.

Here’s to celebrating the beautiful ladies at Karin’s hair salon!