It’s been a month since our workshop in Pretoria, and a lot has happened since then.

This morning, I’m sitting at home, reflecting on my life. I’m grateful, even with all the uncertainty. I am grateful for the time I have with my husband and my children. I am grateful for the time to write down my goals and my dreams. I realize how easily we take small things for granted, and how easily we can lose perspective of what is really important.

I also decided to write this to inspire you to focus on what’s really important. I believe that energy flows to whatever you focus on, so start focusing on what you want. Find time to be still and journal what you want from life. What makes you happy? What are your dreams? Remember, determination to go toward something is much more powerful than the determination to avoid something.

You might be wondering what on earth any of this has to do with my workshop… Well, this workshop was a big dream of mine. For a long time, I believed that I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. I felt there were too many barriers. No one will attend it; I can’t afford a nice venue; I don’t have any experience, blah blah blah. 

It took a lot of self-searching, reading, meditation (praying), determination and discipline to find out what my purpose in life is. And when I realised it is to work with women, everything fell into place.

A very close friend of mine, Karien Muller, shared this dream of mine, so we put our heads together and made it happen.

Karien, a life coach, played a big role in my life. I knew she would make an impact on all the women attending our workshops. I wasn’t wrong. In the first 15 minutes all of us were in tears. Afterwards, I realised women rarely get the chance to just be vulnerable. We get up in the morning, get everyone ready for the day, take the children to school, work, get home, spend time with our families, cook, put children to bed, sleep and repeat. We have to be strong for everyone in the family. We are the rock, the foundation. And for this reason, we feel guilty for making time for ourselves.

So after reflecting today I asked myself, what are we waiting for? Living to your full potential is not selfish, it’s doing justice to your God-given gift. Our responsibility is to keep our lights bright, even in difficult times, for others to see and follow.

The workshop was such an uplifting experience for me! From the beautiful venue to the delicious food to the precious time spent with each woman. Thank you to everyone who made this day possible. And thank you to my Creator, thank you that I can be your voice and hands for women.

I can’t wait for the next one!

flowers done by Renee Theron