The black dress…

My first basic item will have to be the black dress.  It used to be the little black dress, but these days it can really be any black dress.

Black stands for strength, elegance and power. It is mysterious and sophisticated.

Do not be scared to wear the black dress in the day. You can dress it down with a denim jacket and sneakers. Also wear it with a different colour handbag, when you are wearing it in the day. If black is not the right colour for you, you can try darker shades of grey, purple, navy, brown or plum.

Another great way to style the black dress is by wearing a blazer with it. You can still get a casual look if you wear sneakers with this look.  (see picture). Dress it up with a nice pair of heals.

For a night out, style it with a leather jacket and sling bag. I will also wear a bright lip with this look.

If you are skinny or if you have a tiny waist, you can wear a waist belt. Rather stay away from a belt if you are self-conscious about your tummy.

If you don’t have a waist, rather choose a straight cut dress. A maxi dress will be ideal for you.

Remember, although we are taught that we can never go wrong with black and that it is slimming, it can easily age you. When wearing black, wear a lower neckline and not a polo neck. You can also soften the look with wearing the right colour blazer or denim jacket over the black dress.  Silk scarfs around your neck (in the right colour) is another trick 😉

And when wearing black do some extra effort with your make-up.

Please leave me a comment if these tips were helpful.

Lots of love