Jeanine Theron & Karien Muller

As women we tend to place everyone else before ourselves. The Ultimate Beauty Workshop is a day intended for women to come and relax, a day where they come first and where they get spoiled. On this day they also experience that they are not alone. There is a group of other women, who has the same struggles, insecurities and challenges.

So what do we do in these workshops? We cry, we laugh, and we realise how worthy we are. Karien Muller, who is a Master Life Coach spends 4 hours with you. This session is truly transformational. She talks about self-worth, self love and the lies we tell ourselves. She will help you to let go of everything holding you back and keeping you stuck.

In my session, I will do a full colour and style consultation.

  • What colours and hair colour will suit you best
  • I will determine your body shape and face shape. I will give you ideas on hairstyles and the correct styles for your body type.
  • Style personality test
  • Basic make-up lesson
  • I will also style you in the right colour for a photo

At the end of the day there is a mini photo-shoot. It is amazing what a beautiful photo can do for your confidence.

Lunch is included. In this hour we enjoy lovely food and beautiful conversations with each other.

Imagine how it will feel like, knowing exactly how to express yourself through your thoughts and your appearance. Imagine feeling confident and knowing no one else determines your worth, only God and only you. Let us help you to rediscover the beautiful woman God intended you to be. Invest in yourself and join one of our workshops.

When you know better, you do better.

Lots of love